About Us 

The Marchesa takes pride of bringing people together to discover, create and celebrate both the visual and performing arts in a world-class venue in Tampa.  

In Florida, we have had an incredibly powerful vision for a long time. This is the reason why we put up so much effort in making The Marchesa into a world-class performing arts venue for the city of Tampa. The Marchesa is a Theater Hall founded in 1990 located in the beautiful city of Tampa where the students in different schools are given an opportunity and an exposure through live performances. A new city revitalization, a place where to celebrate, a fully operational modern theater, and most especially a place where our performing arts groups of Tampa can grow and thrive – this is what the Marchesa is. 

The Marchesa Theater Hall is one of the largest theater hall and most diverse presenters of professional theater in Florida. It offers one of the country’s leading Broadway series and is widely recognized for its grand opera, plays, educational programs, concerts and the best place where you can celebrate special occasions and events. Situated along McKinley Drive with its original facade preserved, has been transformed into a fully modern world-class venue. The Marchesa is a better place where you can see and hear a live performance. 

It features two state-of-the-art performing art spaces, multi-purpose thousands of seats with flat-floor configuration and balcony boxes. 500 seated Studio Theater, art gallery, an outdoor sculpture garden and an outdoor performance plaza with waterfront and a permanent video wall. The Marchesa also proud to be a premier destination for weddings, corporate, and special events in Florida providing several events rooms such as ballroom halls, private interior meeting space, spacious garden, outdoor and rooftop patio. This is indeed a good place to be. 

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